Sunday, December 29, 2013

Messy Fun Volume 1

 These are three of my favorite messy projects to do!

 In the classroom, we did this during our Bug Theme (worm paintings, of course) but I had a lot of fun decorating some birthday cards with spaghetti painting. Sometime soon I'll try to find pictures of the results of our classroom spaghetti painting. Some of them turned out pretty neat.

If you've ever microwaved  Ivory soap, you know it's pretty fun! Also, it only works with Ivory soap. I tried a couple of other types of soap and they either melted or smoked and emitted a really strong and terrible smell.
 When it comes straight out of the microwave, it's easy to break up into little flakes. It feels really neat but isn't moldable until you add water.
We let the kids mix it together on their own, adding water until it reaches a consistency at which it's moldable.
 This has been one of my favorite messy projects thus far. We mixed baking soda in with the paint, and painted the fence first.
Then we sprayed the paint with vinegar.
 It was pretty neat watching the paint foam up and bubble.

 We all enjoyed feeling the foam on the fence, and painting our hands and then spraying them.

When all the paint on the fence had been thoroughly sprayed, we sprayed the paintbrushes.

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